Certifications & Pre-Start Reviews (PSR)

Certifications & Pre-Start Reviews (PSR)

Pre-start reviews are essential for meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Depending on the jurisdiction, workplace health and safety regulations may mandate routine inspections of pallet racking systems. Conducting pre-start reviews ensures compliance and provides documentation to demonstrate that your business is taking the necessary steps to maintain a safe workplace.

We can provide signed and stamped PSR Reports that includes Racking CAD drawing with Load carrying capacity details. We can also supply capacity signages.

We encourage our customers to maintain records of these inspections as part of your warehouse safety documentation. Implement a system for reporting and addressing any identified issues, ensuring that necessary repairs are completed in a timely manner. Investing time and effort in pre-start reviews ultimately reduces the risk of accidents, enhances the lifespan of pallet racking systems, and fosters a safe working environment for employees. Prioritizing these reviews demonstrates a commitment to warehouse safety and contributes to the overall success and productivity of your operations.

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