Terms and Conditions of Sales

1. The responsibility of We-Rack Warehouse Equipment Inc. is restricted only to the materials supplied and installed. A Pre Start Health & Safety review by a professional engineer will determine the safety & loading capacities of the system. Certain risks are inherent with used rack purchases & are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated in
2. All aspects of the Ontario Building Code, including Building Permits, design of concrete slabs, footings, Fire protection systems & hydraulic pressure, egress routing and emergency lighting, etc. shall be the responsibility of the customer,
unless otherwise specified.
3. The responsibility for weight capacity signages, such as beam stickers, placards etc. lies with the customer, unless otherwise specified.
4. It is assumed that the floors are reasonably level & that there are no hydro power lines or any other systems under the floor that could be affected by anchoring. We-Rack can supply shims (at an additional cost) to make the columns plumb & level.
5. In the event of a proposed or necessary change to the project, We-Rack will present to the customer, for their approval, the corresponding adjustments to the quoted price and estimated production/installation time. Upon acceptance, the
customer will issue a written order to proceed with the change/revision(s).
6. Unless otherwise specified, fork lift and scissor lift rentals for use during installation are extra or can be supplied by the customer.
7. The labor charges are calculated based on the assumption that the installation area will be free from any obstructions or products that could potentially cause delays. Additionally, it is anticipated that there will be no unforeseen challenges
that would impede accessibility to the installation area. However, in the event of any such obstructions or surprises that hinder the installation process, additional costs will be incurred and billed to the customer.
8. Products cannot be reserved solely based on estimates, as the inventory undergoes frequent changes.
9. Prices stated are subject to change & will remain valid only until the expiration date specified on the estimate. In cases where no expiry date is mentioned, it will be assumed that the estimate is valid for a period of 5 days from its issuance.
10. Delivery dates are based on current estimates at the time of order, and are subject to change without notice.
11. We-Rack reserves the right to charge storage fees on orders that are deferred for pick up or delivery. Fee to be determined based on size of order & how long it will be held.
12. To ensure prompt resolution, any orders received with damaged products and/or discrepancies in quantities must be reported within 2 days of receipt. It is important to communicate such issues within this timeframe to initiate the
necessary steps for resolution.
13. To ensure timely resolution, please bring any issues or concerns regarding the received goods to our attention within 7 days of receipt. Please note that products damaged by the client and rendered unsellable are not eligible for return. Undamaged products being returned will be subject to a restocking fee of 15%. However, if the product is damaged but still usable, such as having scratches or slight dents, a restocking fee of 30% will be applied upon return.
14. The ownership of the product remains with We-Rack Warehouse Equipment until it is fully paid for by the customer. Ownership of the product will transfer to the customer upon the complete settlement of payment.
15. We reserve the right to rectify any typographical errors or stenographic mistakes. Claims regarding errors, deficiencies, or imperfections must be submitted to the seller within ten (10) days after the receipt of goods in order to be considered.